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Filter papers were first produced in factories using cloth pieces 150 years ago. Today, it is possible to produce special filter papers for each filter needed. It is possible to obtain paper based sieve materials from both pine and deciduous trees. The filter material commonly used for the filtration of liquids and gases is paper. Filter paper; It consists of artificial and non-homogeneous fibers such as cotton, polyester, silk. These fibers have a diameter of 5-50 microns. Compared to other materials, filter papers have many advantages. There are two main systems in filtration. These are surface filtration and depth filtration. A good filtration paper should have particle stopping mechanisms such as sieving, precipitation, diffusion, and impact. Depending on the climatic conditions of the place to be filtered, working conditions, technical characteristics of the engine or machine, the following properties should be sought in the filter papers; Paper strength: It is defined as the mass per unit of paper, usually expressed in grams per square meter. Cleavage (blast) strength: The filter paper, which is fixed in a circle on a rubber diaphragm, is blasted together with the diaphragm, and the value read at the moment of explosion gives the blasting or cleavage strength of the paper, this value is known as kilotons per square meter. Strain: Filter paper of a certain length and width is pulled off at a certain speed by a two-jaw mechanism and the tension value of the paper is obtained. Air permeability: the amount of air passing per unit time (seconds) and unit area (square meter) given under a certain pressure difference. The flow unit for the flow is in cubic centimeters per second. Pore size: Returns the largest particle diameter in micron filter paper will pass.

We attended MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2019 Fair


We hosted our visitors from Russia, Ukraine and Turkic republics at our booth at MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2019 Fair.

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It is to prevent harmful particles accumulated in the engine oil while the engine is running and prevent them from reaching the moving parts of the engine.

- Protection of passengers in your vehicle against flower dust, dust and harmful substances - Protection against harmful and foul-smelling gases - Protecting the air conditioner installation Replace the activated carbon cabin filters every 15,000 km or once a year!

Internal combustion engines require fresh air intake to provide the best performance. Dirt is very harmful: air-polluting particles, such as soot or dust, can cause corrosion when they enter the combustion chamber. For example, premature wear may occur on the cylinder heads. The functions of the electronic parts between the suction and the combustion section can be severely interrupted.

High pressure injection systems in modern diesel engines require high quality fuel. Due to the increase in injection pressure starting from 2000 bar and the increase in biodiesel particles in fuel, the separation of liquid and particle is becoming more and more important in protecting the engine from wearing. FILTORQ FILTER fuel filters ensure that dirt and liquid in the fuel do not damage the engine. Whether pre-filtering or main filtering, FILTORQ FILTER offers a wide range of fuel filters for every application you can think of.

The engine speed is converted to road speed in a controlled manner by the transmission. The need for modern transmissions for more speed processing, comfortable operation and reliable function requires more attention to gearboxes compared to the purity of the oil. For this reason, transmission filters must counterbalance more demanding standards. FILTORQ FILTER gearbox filters offer unique and modern solutions to meet the complex requirements of a wide variety of gearbox designs.





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